softenclean-testimonials337"Surgery will have to wait!...
I was diagnosed with partially blocked arteries... by a well-known cardiologist who suggested surgery. After four weeks of taking the capsules... I feel like the person I was ten years ago! Surgery will have to wait!"
- Rose J., Melbourne, FL

softenclean-testimonial122"I had one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel. My doctor sent me to the nursing home to die...
Two years ago, after six trips to the hospital, the cardiologist gave me the news — my heart was failing. Since then, I am now a resident of a nursing home.
My condition was slowly deteriorating, and I was getting weaker, when — thank God — I got a news bulletin about your product. With one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel, I figured what the heck have I got to lose. After one week one softenclean, no more chest pains, no more shortness of breath, no more tingling triceps. My doctor sent me to the nursing home to die, but I've gotten too busy to do it."

- Arthur V., Warminster, PA

 "My husband had a heart attack in April of 2015.
The doctor cleanned his left carotid artery but said his condition wsa too severe to do any more. The right carotid was 80% to 90% blocked. I began giving him SoftenClean. He had it scanned in December and the blockage was down to less than 50%. His doctor was thrilled."
- Louise S., Eugene OR

 "I have been taking the SoftenClean capsules for the past three months.
Early readings were 150-160 over 90-95. Current readings are in the range of 135-140 over 78-86. I have done nothing else to lower the pressure except take SoftenClean.
- Hank E. Frankfurt, Germany

 "I have had a elevated cholesterol for as long as I can remember and a family history of heart problems.
My doctor was threatening to put me on statin drugs. I was resisting because I am a cancer suvivor and have been told satins could affect my immune system.
A friend told me of SoftenClean and how it worked on him (he was really quite excited). I started on the program six months ago and just had my yearly physical.
My bad cholesterol went from 169 to 125 and my total went from 269 to 198.
My doctor still wants my bad cholesterol to come down some more but statins are no longer threateded. My doctor asked me how I did it."
- Creg G., Peterborough, NH

 "My husband has only been on your SoftenClean for two weeks and he is already telling me how much better he feels.
He has severe blood hypertension problems and also had angina for several years. He is not as short of breath as he has been, he is beginning to walk better and is able to do some yard work for exercise.
He can't believe he has felt the difference so quickly. We are glad we know of your product and decided to try it."
- Mrs.Andy C., Fort Collins, CO

 "I Dodged the Bypass Bullet!
Feburary 17, 2016, I was told at the VA Emergency Room in Charlotte, North Carolina, my arteries were blocked enough that I should immeidately have angioplasty and would probably need a bypass. I refused and started using SoftenClean (three times per day). After 60 days, the pressure around my heart was relieved and the hurting between my shoulder blades was gone."
- Robert J., Durham, North Carolina

 "I feel fine without nurses!
My husband, Nathan, was in the hospital with congestive brain vessle problems. When he came home, he didn't sleep at night, couldn't get around by himself, or go to the bathroom by himself, so we weren't getting much rest.
I ordered SoftenClean and within two weeks, he was sleeping and getting around by himself. We were having a home health nurse two times a week, and now they don't have to come."
- Berth J., Bloomington, MN

 "I really can't say enough about how happy and pleased I am for trying SoftenClean.
I am now able to walk four blocks and still get back to my woodworking shop, making chessboards and building mantle clocks.
I can tell a big difference in my energy level and the way I feel. At 80 years young, I'm fine."
- Hery N., Birmingham, AL

 "I am 59 years old and I've been taking SoftenClean for about seven months.
My blood pressure has dropped from 165/102 to 135/93. Certainly, I will continue to take this natural supplement for the rest of my life."
- Ray D., Dexter, MI

 “After having two open heart surgeries, one in 2008 and 2015,
I learned this procedure needs to be done about every seven years.
I decided I should try SoftenClean, which I learned from a friend's husband, and he was doing well on it.
Last year, I had many tests done to check out my heart and the cardiologist was surprised at the results. He said to me, "I don't know how you do it... just keep it up.”
- Mathilda W., Harrison, NJ

 “My husband Tim and I started using SoftenClean about a year ago.
The first thing I noticed was the numbness in my hands started going away. It no longer wakes me up at night.
But when we went to the doctor for blood tests, we were really surprised. Our cholesterol and blood pressure levels were approaching a much normal range. First time in years.
My husband went off his Lipitor and is doing fine.”
- Barbara P., Silver Lake, KS

 “It's a Rotor-Rooter for your arteries!
Ag age 67, I was plagued by high blood pressure and made the emergency trip to the hospital. I was placed on three blood pressure medications, twice daily.
I have been on SoftenClean approximately 11 months. My blood pressure is now 128-76 and my medication has been cut in half.
I can walk three miles a day with no shortness of breath. I have recommended your product to several of my friends. I tell them they too need a rotor-tooter job, because that is what SoftenClean has done for my arteries. It is the best thing that happeded to me.”
- Sue M., St. George, GA

 “I am 81 years old and in good health.
I sew, work in the house and drive my car. I am taking SoftenClean to keep healthy.
It is, indeed, a wonder product that I will not be without. It is good for heart, blood pressure, cholesterol plaques, and many more.I plan to use this product as long as I live.”
- Judy H., Aragon,GA

 “In 1998, retiring from the U.S. Army, I had a severe artery blockage problem.
About two years agao, my wife read about SoftenClean and I started taking it everyday. One year ago I still had no pulse in my feet but now I have. Thanks to SoftenClean.”
- Bobby W., Altha, FL

 "Patients Respond Well!
Patients have responded well to this nutritional therapy, including the symptoms of poor circulation, control of blood pressure, control of cholesterols, as well as general overall feeling of the patient.
I recommend SoftenClean to anyone over 45."
- Dr.C.J.Martin, M.D.

 “I no longer have the leg sleeps.
Four years ago I could hardly walk and felt terrible. I went to a well known cardiologist and after a lot of extensive tests, he said there was nothing he could do for me. I would probably lose one of my legs due to lack of circulation.
Now after taking SoftenClean for a year, I can walk the total store (Wal-Mart, no less) , look after my wife, do shopping, cleaning, cooking, you name it.”
- Albert B., College Station, TX

“I really can tell it works.
After taking the capsules for just eight weeks, we both noticed we didn't become short of breath when walking or working hard. Our energy level soared and we realized we had lost our occasional hand tingling when sleeping at night.”
- Anna T., Tucson, AZ

“Even with medication I never noticed a big change until I started taking SoftenClean.
After using it for over a year, my cholesterol went down 50 points. My HDL (good) cholesterol increased and my LDL (bad cholesterol) went down. It cut my monthly prescription bills by more than half!”
- Rita S., Denton TX

SoftenClean-Testimonial1  “My doctor insisted that I take Lipitor for my high cholesterol.
I took it for about two weeks, then stopped after reading that it could cause liver problems, and began taking SoftenClean instead.
On my next doctor's appointment 10 weeks later my doctor told me that my blood work showed my cholesterol normal and to keep taking the Lipitor.
When I told her that I switched to SoftenClean, she told me to just continue taking what I was taking. My cholesterol is still under control one year later.
- Terressia D., Los Angeles, CA

  "This stuff is amazing! We thank you!
My wife has been taking SoftenClean for two months. Her feet were now getting good circulation and the circulation is improving. She was really scared and now she was much better. We owe you for saving her life from a wheelchair. She was 68.
- Charles W., Pullman, WA