How does a 52 year-old emperor, crippled by congestive heart failure & hardly tried any exercise nor diet, humiliate even today’s therapists & surgeons by living another 30 healthy new offspring bearing years?

In an age where we are now worried so much about the ecology of our land, it's about time we’re worried more about the wasting of our bodies.

When you get a cold, your body reacts with a fever. When your body is intruded by toxins and chemical wastes, your body fight it in the quickest way possible, by reacting with an inflammation.

A cold could be a one-time thing. But “intrusions” actually happen on a daily basis. Just consider this:

Americans Eat 9 Billion Chicken and 300 Million Beef Cattles Each Year
And … 80% Of All Antibiotics Made in The U.S.
Are Sold To Animal Agriculture!

We take these things willingly into our body every day and they could stay for years.

A direct consequence… as more excessive fat, sugar and salt are consumed, the speed of blood flow inevitably slows down. Just like as a river carries more dirt and sand, its flowing will be slower, and sediments will settle down and grow over time. This is important: physicians did pressure test, and they found…

As Blood Flow Slows Down By 10%
Our Heart Workload Increases by 50%
Yes That’s FIVE Times!

If you’re like an average American, chances are that you are well aware of the problem, and you are seriously willing to do something about it. The only trouble is, you've dieted umpteen times, but gained back every pound you lost after you quit dieting. And who the heck wants to be on a diet for the rest of his life, anyway. You've probably tried exercising too, but gave it up before it had a chance to do any good. After all, most exercise are hard and strenuous, and most Americans really don't have the time to do them.

So where is the solution to our problem? Must we give up the good things of life we have struggled so hard for? What can we do about it given the status quo?

About 500 years ago, Shizhen Li, the Father of Medicine of China, wrote an Encyclopedia of Medical Herbs. It includes about 2,000 herbs and more than 11,000 formulas for almost ALL diseases known. This is a bible of medicine and have been widely used in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam ever since. For each herb, Shizhen (he has practiced herbal medicine for more than 60 years) explains in details what its characters are, what curative benefits it has, how to safely use it, how to use it by different doses based on patients’ physical conditions, and how to use it together with other herbs to get the most curing potency.

This Man Truly Knows Herbs Inside Out
And Is The Best Professional The World Has Ever Known!

But you might ask: how effective are those herbs? Are they really useful?

Sweetwormwood is just one of the 2,000 herbs in his book. He explains in much details on how to prepare it in Warm water (as high temperature will totally destroy the herb’s curative ability) and use it to cure malaria.

500 years later, a Chinese woman scientist led a research team, and took an active extract from sweetwormwood using a method based on that information. The United Nation and World Health Organization used this extract to save millions of lives in Africa alone.

That Scientist Won A Nobel Prize In Medicine in 2015 Just For That!

Shizhen was once called in by China’s emperor to give him some longevity advice. The emperor was then bothered by a congestive heart failure, and was very concerned about his health.

As you could imagine, the emperor ate good and seldom did any exercise his diet and lifestyle is very similar to average American today. The average American gets his only exercise walking from his house to his car. And you bet the emperor's servants will not let him run every morning…

Shizhen carefully studied the emperor’s conditions, his health history, his diets and lifestyle. He then worked out this formula.

The emperor kept taking it before meal every day and lived another 31 years till 83 years old, as the No.4 longest living emperor in China’s history. He used to have few descendants, but during these later years, he gave birth to 15 sons and 12 daughters, with the last son born when he was almost 76 years old.

So What Is Special About This Formula?

  • This formula combines the most effective herbs known for cleansing arteries to the best of Shizhen’s knowledge.
  • This formula is intended for long term use, as a matter of fact, many of the herbs have been safely used as foods for their extraordinary nutritious values to the body. Shizhen is best known for his extreme cautiousness in giving out medicine, and he even used to say, “Almost every drug is 70% curing and 30% poisonous”. Since this was for the emperor’s long-term use, he took extra caution in creating this formula. He used only the safest herbs and prepared them in the safest way, so the emperor could take it on a daily basis without any problem whatsoever.
  • The formula incorporates the ancient wisdom of Yin and Yang philosophy, targeting a balanced, harmonic state of life and body. The herbs work with body to set up an environment that arteries clots can be easily dissolved, and they tone all of the arteries of the body to give you a younger circulation system.
  • The cleansing is through liver and kidney. Herbs are more “gentle” or “humane” to our organs. Unlike chemical meds that just leave all the “dirty” work to liver and kidney, treating them like automatic trash-processors, this formula nourishes liver and kidney, making them stronger. Liver is the central hub organ responsible for blood, artery and even heart health. Herbs contribute many critical nutrients and energy for liver and kidney, making them well prepared and more efficient in processing toxins and chemical wastes.
  • The formula works on the cellular level to revitalize. It has regenerative effects on artery cells and actually works to prolong the vitality, youth and life of the cells. It restores arteries and heart to a more youthful condition.
  • The formula STRENGTHENS the heart tissues and surrounding blood vessels. It encourages the circulation system without speeding up the heart rate. You see, the number of times of heart beats during our lifetime indicates the length of our life. We do not want the heart to wear out prematurely. Within hours, you will be able to feel the circulating energy as it passes through your arteries, heart and body. Through changing circulating condition, the heart rate actually slows down.
  • In this formula, each herb has a “division of labor”: some herb is effective in getting rid of internal artery inflammation; some is good for artery cleansing and repair; some speeds up the blood flow; and some herb boosts the metabolic activities of the body. At the same time, each herb complements and supports each other, providing a curing ability that is stronger than when working alone (“One Plus One Is Greater Than Two”).
  • Since blood flow more smoothly, and oxygen and nutrients can now easily reach any part of the body, one of the most noticeable changes you’ll experience is that you will feel more energetic. Oxygen increase in blood makes you much younger again, and relieve the workload of the heart, liver and other important organs. This relaxing effect is almost like a mild tranquilizer, letting you sleep better at night and feel better in the morning.
  • It takes oxygen to burn up fat too. The formula maintains a healthy level of cholesterol in your arteries (most people don’t know about how cholesterol could be a lubricant in arteries once body reaches a Yin-Yang balanced state). By efficiently using up extra cholesterol and fat stored up in body, you can get unexpected other benefits like a flat belly.
  • The formula also increases sexual function (especially for men), as arteries all over the body become clean, young and energetic again.

The most amazing things is: you don’t need to go on a diet or exercise.

You can stay in your comfort zone but still achieve all those benefits.

The main emphasis of these herbs is on strengthening our bodies and minds. By taking them on a daily basis, we are able to gain control over the vast energy upon which our life depends. We can look forward to living a life free from anxiety of future illness and weakness due to present diseases, or any unpleasant death-dealing conditions.

To use this life-extending formula, those herbs used to be hand-picked freshly from the pristine mountains and processed for days or even weeks before they could be used. Thanks to the SAME technology that produced the Noble-Prize-Winning extract for malaria, now you can most easily take them in this ONE SINGLE capsule, SoftenClean, which preserves all the active ingredients and their curing potentials. And get the same benefits, as the emperor did. That is, live longer without worry about unexpected life-threatening disease like heart attack and stroke. You will insure yourself of a good heart and a young circulation system into very old age.

It’s Safer Than Aspirin.

It is so safe it’s been made available without prescription in over 40 countries for over 10 years by millions of people. Yet not a single untoward side effect has been reported! Taken orally, it’s not habit forming and the body does not build up tolerance for it. So you don’t have to take larger and larger quantity to gain its remarkable revitalizing effects. It’s so safe that England’s conservative Dunlop Committee on Drug Safety, in certain respects the counterpart of FDA, endorsed its merits and cleared it for general, over-the-counter distribution.

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