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Founded in 2013, Shebal is a new health company focusing on providing natural, no-side-effect and high-potency curing supplements products to people around the world.

Shebal uses all natural ingredients from organic herbs. Most herbals have been used and tested by more than two thousands years of medical practices, and been found most effective in dealing today’s toughest heart, brain, and blood-related problems.

Born from the joint research efforts of Hopkins Medicine Institute and Shanghai Medicine Valley, our flagship product SoftenClean has been used and appraised by more than one million clients for the last four years. It dissolves chronic artery plague blockage, restores the resiliency to internal walls of blood vessels, alleviates hypertension and protects heart in oxygen-shortage conditions. It is widely relied upon by heart and stroke patients for treatment and prevention. 

Our new products for diabetes will come out in 2018. 

Shebal is committed to long-lasting health in a natural way. We are looking forward to helping you.