SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!

SoftenClean Monthly Pack - Get 10% SAVING!

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This monthly pack includes 4 bottles of SoftenClean for 4 weeks' treatment. Get 10% OFF.

Shebal SoftenClean uses organic herbal ingredients for artery, heart and circulation system health. It dissolves existing artery clots, and inhibits dangerous inflammation liable under artery walls, which is a direct cause of plaque, heart attack and stroke. It has a regenerative effect on cellular level with artery walls, and can increase oxygen-shortage endurance (often seen and needed in the event of congestive heart failure) for heart. Major ingredients also help liver and kidney's functions as well.

As a dietary supplement, SoftenClean suits for long-term use.

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- Servings per container: 50 capsules
- Ingredients: Notoginsenoside, ginkgo leaf extracts, sanchi extracts, ginseng extracts, atractylodes extracts, licorice and tuckahoe extracts.
- Serving Size: 3 times per day, 2-3 capsules per time. Take before meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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  • I currently have 3 100% blockages in my arteries. I’m currently taking 2 medications for blood pressure. I also take generic Plavix and Lipitor. Will this product in any way cause a harmful reaction with those medications?

    SoftenClean is very safe. It will not interact with your current medications. Those cholesterol drugs work by depressing liver's function. SoftenClean works by strengthening the functions of heart, liver and kidney. Even for this kind of 100% blockages it can still work on cellular level with arteries.

  • Hello, I recently had a stent implant and was told that I have more blockages in my arteries. Can I take this product having a stent implant and would there be any complications, also what will be my daily dose and how much should I order. Would one month or three month supply be sufficient.

    Yes SoftenClean will work for you. It is very safe and it's no problem taking it after the implant. You're suggested to take 3 capsules in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before meals. Please take a quarter pack if possible and you should be able to feel better after a couple of weeks.

  • I have severe blockage in my leg arteries. And have PAD brought on by arteriol sclorosis. How should I take this product to clear up my issues as quickly as possible. Also will using this product cause a blood clot to break free while dissolving and cause a heart attack or stroke?

    You should take 3 capsules of SoftenClean in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before meals. You can add a couple of Top Sanchi too. This will often ensure you a "stronghold" in fighting the problems and controling risks. You should start to experience benefits in a week or so.  It will not cause blood clots to break free. Its way of dissolving is more like heat melting ices. It boosts the function of heart, kidney and liver, and restores aged arteries to better conditions (making them cleaner, less fragile, and more resilient).

  • What about arterial plaque. I have a plaque deposit in my femoral artery that is so bad it has completely closed off the artery and they are saying the only solution is to do a bypass on that artery to increase blood flow to my lower leg. I do not intend to do the bypass but I am trying to find a way to clean my arteries of existing hardened plaque as well as existing soft plaque. How can this product help with those problems. I have also found out that I now have some plaque deposits in my ascending aorta the aortic branch. Heart disease runs in my family I have also had blood clots in the way past. Please tell me can this product help with the plaque deposits and what can it do for both be hard and the soft plaque

    Yes SoftenClean will not only dissolve newly accumulated soft plaques, but also aged hardened or calcified plaques as well. It works in a way totally different from EDTA, chelation or other "special agent" like treatment. SoftenCleans targets the root causes of artery plaques (in the whole body), and strengthen the functions of heart, liver and kidney with an overhaul treatment. So you will experience more often than not unexpected benefits (reduced short of breath due to heart strengthened, better sleep due to liver improvement, or reduced night peeing times due to stronger kidney, etc). And the improvements will be in the long run, not temporary.

  • can a normal person without any issues of heart disease use this product

    For normal people with above-average weight, who often feel dizzy or short of breath, or who have sleep problem etc. (Nowadays most people have similar lifestyle, diet habits or life/work pressure). SoftenClean can help. It strengthens the functions of heart, liver and kidney with no harmful side effcts. Diseases don't form in a couple of days. SoftenClean does safeguard the health of heart, brain and circulation system.

  • I also just submitted a question earlier here is the one that I forgot, should one month supply suffice?, or one month on one month off,or?

    One month supply should be good enough to feel such positive effects as reduced arterial plaques, better blood supply to heart/brain, and improved energy level, etc.

  • I just sent a question to you but forgot to let you know I have AFIB. Can this product help this?

    Yes. one of the benefits of SoftenClean is to increase heart's oxygen-shortage endurance, that is to make heart cells "stronger" in such events. Quivering or irregular heartbeat are often caused by oxygen-supply shortage, which is ofen caused by artery blockages.

  • I had three stokes the beginning of this year then visited with a neurologist and he said I needed to see a cardiologist. After this visit I was told I needed open heart surgery because my mitral valve was malfunctioning and I had a mass by it. I had or have no high blood pressure or high cholesterol and they aren't sure where the blood clot came from that gave me the stokes. I am now on Eliquis to thin my blood and Digoxin to help regulate my heart. After reading the reviews on this product I wonder if this is for me because I don't have blockage but still don't feel normal yet. How can this product help me?

    Congestive arteries are not necessarily accompanied by high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The inflammed and deteriorated internal walls of arteries could happen anywhere, most dangerously near heart or brain, and they are the root cause of heart failure and strokes. Arteries near brain are thinner and even very small clots could cause stroke. We highly recommend SoftenClean and Top Sanchi. The products not only directly treat plaques in circulation system, but also strenghen heart and liver's functions. They offer fundamental benefits for blood health and will help you in this case.