SoftenClean dissolves artery clots, reduce cholesterol and promote heart & vascular health.


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Shebal SoftenClean uses organic herbal ingredients for artery, heart and circulation system health. It dissolves existing artery clots, and inhibits dangerous inflammation liable under artery walls, which is a direct cause of plaque, heart attack and stroke. It has a regenerative effect on cellular level with artery walls, and can increase oxygen-shortage endurance (often seen and needed in the event of congestive heart failure) for heart. Major ingredients also help liver and kidney's functions as well.

As a dietary supplement, SoftenClean suits for long-term use.

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- Servings per container: 50 capsules
- Ingredients: Notoginsenoside, ginkgo leaf extracts, sanchi extracts, ginseng extracts, atractylodes extracts, licorice and tuckahoe extracts.
- Serving Size: 3 times per day, 2-3 capsules per time. Take before meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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  • My cholesterol blockage is in my brain, will this product help me?

    Yes SoftenClean can help in all artery blockages around body, including carotid arteries and brain blood circulation.

  • My wife speech been affected by stroke the doctor says that a artery going to the brain is blocked causing the speech problem can soften clean help to remove the blockage how can I purchase same if it can work

    Yes. SoftenClean has helped many patients with carotid artery blockages. Some of them have speech problems and some have unintentional droolings. After a couple of months taking, those problems could be greatly improved. You could please order online.

  • I have been getting little Twinges of pain in my upper left leg. My sister also had that and she had to have stents put in her legs I think I don’t know if it’s Hereditary or just from smoking but will this work for her to sell plaque in the arteries in her legs

    As blood ciruclation gets slower and more difficult, the cold caught in legs can cause severe pain (you can imagine it as cold silted up in blood of legs). SoftenClean improve blood circulation by dissolving plaques, but also by strengthening heart and making blood circulation faster. As coldness carried away, the twinges problem in leg could be greatly improved.

  • I have diastolic heart failure will this help

    Yes SoftenClean can strenghen the heart function and boost its energy level. People can usually experience immediate difference in heart. For the first couple of days, please take 3-3 (3 capsuels in the morning and 3 in the evening before meals) for the body to get used to it.

  • Hi I’m live in U.K. I had a a pacemaker fitted in 2009 for Heart Block and replaced 2019 I had A heart attack and 2012 and 2 stents fitted seeing my consultant in 2019 and a heart scan he found my left ventricalar impaired and moderately dilated left atrium he put me on Beta blocker and candesarton I am having side effects such as joint pain and tiredness do you think Soften clean would help my blood pressure as always been ok

    Yes SoftenClean can definitely help you. As an overhaul treatment, it not only dissolve existing artery blockages, but also strenghens the functions of heart, kidney and liver. Those series of heart problems are from weakened heart function. SoftenClean exactly boosts the energy level, strengthens heart muscle cells and most importantly put the risks of any further heart attacks under control. Most people can feel the difference in the first couple of weeks.

  • Hi I am 55 female and I just found out my lipoprotein a is 532 and since 10 years ago I had high cholesterol and I was taking pravadtatin for it. So if I have atherosclerosis, does this herb help me?how if high lipoprotein a is that high and I have heard that is probably hereditary.

    Yes SoftenClean can help with atherosclerosis. It helps dissolve aged including inflamed artery blockages, and strengthen the functions of heart, kidney and liver. The high lippoprotein problem could be hereditary, but still, the root cause is similar - the weakened functions (in this case inherited) of the important organs behind it. SoftenClean is a overhaul treatment formula and suitable for long-term use.

  • My cousin had 2 mild strokes and then a heart attack with-in 2- weeks. His doctor put 2 stents in his heart but they won’t work...He said he needs open-heart surgery but he is scared to death.,,Should he try these pills first or get the surgery first??

    This kind of bad "chain reactions" could not be easily fixed by stent/bypass surgeries, as the root cause is the weakend functions of heart, spleen and kidney - a "fire" could still break out everywhere.  SoftenClean not only directly dissovles artery blocakges, but also strengthens the organs to stop this kind of scary process. 
    If his case is stablized and could give it some months, he is suggested to take SoftenClean 3-2-3 per day regularly, and use Enjuven too (it specifically boosts the functions of important organs). He should be able to put further risks of heart/stroke events under control in a couple of month.

  • Can softclean clear 90 per cent blockage carotid blockage in right side of neck

    Yes we have many clients who have above 90% blockages and SoftenClean works well for them. It takes more time though (at least several months).

  • Does this totally clean out arteries and how long does it take to totally clear them?

    It depends on the level of artery blockages. For average people, SoftenClean can dissolve plaques and strengthens the function of heart, kidney and liver in a couple of weeks. For blockages above 50%, we suggest take it for at least a couple of months or longer, to fully control the risks of heart/brain events. SoftenClean is very safte to take for long term and have no harmful side effects. After you have experienced positive effects and feel confident about it, you can reduce prescriptions especially blood thinners like statins and cut the bills.

  • I am 65 and have 70% blockage in my LAD heart artery. Is this product safe for me or will it cause plague to loosen which can then cause a heart attack.

    Yes SoftenClean is very safe to take. It dissolves artery blockages gradually and will not cause any heart event because of it. You can be assured of that. You're suggested to take 3-2-3 (3 capsules in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before meals). You should be able to feel positive effects like strengthened heart function in a couple of weeks.

  • Will this help with high triglycerides want to get off statins & have blockages in arties which I'm looking for something to clear them Also take baby aspirins thank u

    Yes it helps reduce high triglycerides and LDL cholesterl. Once you feel poistive effects in a couple of weeks, you can reduce or get off statsins. SoftenClean not only dissoves artery blockages, but also can strengthen the functions of heart, kidney and liver. It just can do a much better job.

  • Will this product help eliminate calcification of the aortic valve?

    Yes definitely. SoftenClean help dissolve blockages including calcification in arteries and in the whole blood circulation system, including aortic valve. It also strengthens the weakened heart functions and boost its energy level.

  • I am currently on a blood thinner and take high blood pressure prescriptions. Also my neck arteries are blocked left is 70 and right is 80. Would this help me, I really don't want to have surgery. Also I have iron in my blood. My homocysteine is 9.5. Can I take this while I take my prescriptions. If you need to know what I take, please email me. Also have Afib and just had a pacemaker put in on Nov. 4, 2019

    Yes SoftenClean will definitely help. For these blockages, please take 3-2-3 (3 in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before meals). You should be able to put heart/brain event risks under control in a couple of month. It is very safe to take and will not interact current meds.SoftenClean can also strengthen the fucntions of heart, kiney and liver. Afib could be treated too.

  • I do not have blockage but have mild heart disease,can I take this product,,?

    Yes SoftenClean can strengthen the functions of heart, kidney and liver in the first place. It brings more extra benefits besides dissolving artery blcokages.

  • could you explain the benefits and how each ingrediets works in your product of soften clean herbs ? thank you

    Sure. Each herb has multiple benefits to body, and when they work together they strenthen a targeted curing potency. Some like ginseng is good at boosting energy level of organs, some like sanchi is good at smoothening blood circulation and restore vitality to internal artery cells. Artery blockages is more like a tip-of-iceberg kind of symptom - it is the result of weakend functions of the organs. Once the major problems are dealt with, the chronic old problem will not be that tough.

  • How long will it take to completely clean your arteries

    It mainly depends on the level of blockages. For average blockages, we suggest take it for a couple of months. For above 50% blockages, better for several months or longer. Your risks of any heart/brain events will be put under safe control in a couple of months. Artery blockages and associated heart/brain problems take time to cure. This process will be faster if you have good diet/life habits too. At the same time, please be assured that SoftenClean is very safe to take for long term.

  • Do you have it in a liquid? I can’t swallow a capsule or big pill I usually wind up throwing them away.

    Currently we only have capsules. If you have problem with big pills, you can just take out the power from capsules and take it with honey water (or take it in a bread ball).

  • My heart is beating at 30% I have a stent and 2 block arteries can I take softenclean

    Yes. Definitely. SoftenClean can not only unblock arteries, but can strengthen heart functions (including energizing heart muscle cells) as well. Positive effects could be felt as fast as in a couple of weeks.

  • I’m taking 50 mg of Losartan a day. Can I take Softenclean without any medicine interaction?

    Yes. SoftenClean is very safe to take. It will not interact with your current meds.

  • They have found I have a small functioning adrenal adenoma and parapelvic renal cyst in my kidney. I also have moderate arteriosclerosis. How will your product affect these conditions?

    Please try Enjuven too. It will do much more than you expected with your kidney. SoftenClean can treat arteriosclerosis and strengthen overall circulation system condition, and control the risks associated with artery blockages.

  • I have renal artery stenosis and PMR Is this product for me

    Yes. SoftenClean will not only dissolve existing artery blockages, it also restores health condition to artery walls and strengthens the function of heart and kidney. Do try it. Most people can feel positive effects in the first week.

  • For how long should I take softenclean

    It depends on your level of blockages. For above 50% blockages, or for obvious symptoms like short of breath, palpitations, heart uneasiness or frequent drowsiness, 2-3 months supply are suggested.

  • I am 84 year old female. There is a big history of heart problems on my fathers side. Also my brother had by pass surgery at 50, His son had a heart attack at 44 and my son had stints at 59 (no symptoms, but rt and left coronary arteries were 90 + blocked. Now I recently have had shortness of breath with exertion, I am 5feet 8 weigh 137 pounds and exercise 3 x week and maintain 5 acres. trying to be proactive I saw a cardiologist and had stress test and echo cardiogram done. Passed both , but Dr. said I had some weakening ( my words) of heart valves so will this product help maintain my cardiac health. At present I do not take any prescription meds, but do have Cholesterol problem, but have failed 4 statins and have been told to absolutely not to take them. So will this help me. Thank you for any advice you can give me

    SoftenClean is right for you. It can strengthen your heart function and significnatly reduce such problems as short of breath and palpitations. (positive effects usually could be experienced in the first week - you have our assurenace on this). For the family problem, the weak organs could be inherited. In this case especially the heat and spleen. SoftenClean solves the systems by strengthening with the root-cause organs. Think of weak heart valves as heart short of energies, SoftenClean boost the energy level for heart and this problem could be eliminated too.

  • My mom just had a stent put in her heart artery and is, and has been for several years, on several heart meds. Can she just start taking this along with her meds? Do we need to consult her doctor first? What about medicine adjustments? I assume this supplement will let her be able to need med adjustments at some point. Thanks.

    Yes SoftenClean is very safe to take. She can take it with her usual meds without any problem. For meds adjustments, most people can feel positive effects within first week. After a couple of weeks, when she is quite confident, she can start adjusting gradually - especially the cholesterol meds like statins (we suggest ASAP. SoftenClean can lower and stabalize LDL cholesterol very effectively).

  • 4years ago they wanted to do 6 bypasses , all three arteries had blockage 100%, 90%, 75% . I took 12,000 mg of oral chealation for three months have not changed bad eating habits and I’m 80 lbs over weight. Failed another stress test last year .Before I risk going in for high risk stent procedure will your product remove these calcified area’s ?How many do I need to take,and for how many weeks to be sure.

    Bypass is only a temporary solution, as the body's "bad mechanism" for piling up plauqes has not been stopped and artery aging not changed. SoftenClean is an "overhaul" solution, more focused on the root causes. It strenthens the functions of heart, liver and kidney. The blockages are quite serious. We suggest you take 3 capsules in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before meals. In a couple of weeks you should be able to experience positive changes. Do this asap. (SoftenClean will reduce your LDL cholesterol level at the same time).

  • Does your product help heal entire Heart and help treat atrial fibrillation? My heart rate and rhythm are beating twice as normal don't know why. Can your product help reset the heart to its regular rhythm or even cure atrial fibrillation by making my heart stronger?

    Yes SoftenClean not only strengthens the whole heart, it also treats atrial fibrillation and brings heartbeat back to normal. Many clients have similar problems and they said they felt their heart beats better after about one week of taking SoftenClean. This is one of the benefits.

  • Can you take soften clean with nattokinase?

    Yes you can. SoftenClean is very safe and you can take it with your usual meds.

  • Why are there no possible side effects listed on your site?

    Because there are NO unwanted harmful side effects with it. This is not prescription meds. All ingredients used are food-level safe and organic natural. We don't use chemical ingredients that suppress one symptom while let other worse ones pop up. You can be assured of that. (There is caution though: not for pregnant women and children). We are accountable for this.

  • How long does it take to ship??

    We ship the same day when we receive the orders (except for Sundays). For expedited shipping, it usually takes 5-7 business days to arrive in most countries. For regular shipping, it usallys takes 9-17 business days.

  • I have 4 stents put in 4 years ago and I was diagnosed two extra small arteries blocked. As a result I am scheduled to an open hear surgery. Can I avoid if I take this products?

    Please take 3 capsules of SoftenClean in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before meals, regularly. SoftenClean will not only clean artery blockages, it also strengthens the function of heart, making heart cells stronger. Afer a couple of weeks, you should be able to feel such positive effects as alleviated short of brealth, reduced palpitations, and experience more energy level. Based on our experience, a surgery is totally avoidable. A surgey is more like fixing a part, while SoftenClean treatment is like overhauling the whole body. It usually brings unexpected benefits.

  • Is this money back guaranteed?

    YES. That's for sure. If you for any reason are not satisfied, we will refund you fully. We keep receiving positive feedbacks from clients. Do try it for your health. You will not be disappointed.

  • Could this product help when stents have been placed in heart, stents maybe needed in groin as well, no type of ED meds help whatsoever. Have high cholestral..borderline diabetes as well. Keep changing diet, exercise but not much is helping. Im 61 now

    SoftenClean not only helps dissolve existing plaque blockages in coronary arteries, it can also strengthen the heart muscle cells, and the function of heart, kidney and liver. It can significanly lower the LDL cholesterol level at the same time. Many diabetes patients have heart problem because these two have similar root causes. SoftenClean treats the root causes without unwanted side effects. Positive effects (some could be unexpected) usually could be felt in a week or so.

  • I have a sliding hiatal hernia under a stage 1. So they can not do anything to stop the acid reflux on top of that usually after I eat I can not walk right away because I get severe chest pain under the breast bone and I have to wait to burp or the pain remains additionally they now believe it could be my heart. Because of my blood pressure has been high because of the pain.if the heart is not involved and the cause of the pain is gastro related can your product help? I am 60 I weight train can’t do cardio at the moment

    Your sliding hiatal hernia is caused by weakend function of spleen and stomach. Spleen is responsible for the transport and absortion of nutrients for the whole body. Most people over middle age got weakened/overburdened spleen as they regularly eat more than the body could handle. If the energy of spleen could not go up within the body, the energy of stomach then can not go down (the balance is thus broken). Thus the regurgitation happens. As nutrients are "over-supplied" and the blood circulation slows down, it is almost inevitable that plaques will build up in arteries and cause potential dangers to health, including chest pain and other heart problems. SoftenClean strengthens the function of spleen and treats the root cause of this series of problems including high blood pressure. It can definitely help in your situation.

  • How long will one have to stay on this and why can't I find any reviews on your product. Thanks

    Most buyers take it regularly for several months. But you should be able to feel positive effects in a week or so. We have a review sections from clients in our web site at:

  • Hi I’m 29 years old , at age of 23 I had a stroke due to poor diet and lack of exercise and smoking and drinking alcohol. I quit smoking right after and changed my diet up and exercise 3-4 times a week . But After I started to notice I would get random upper back pains and chest pains also would feel dizzy and low of energy sometimes like if I was going to pass out . I haven’t consulted a doc . But just need some advice on your vitamins and would they really help?

    The blocked coronary arteries usually cause chest pains, short of breath, or unusual palpitations. Since the blood supply to heart or brain is decreased, people may feel dizzy or lack of energy reularly. Suprisingly this is often the case for young people now due to unhealthy diet/lifestyle and work pressure etc. SoftenClean can not only dissolove the artery plaque for you, it could also strengthen the functions of your heart, kidney and liver. Those symptoms will be significantly reduced and you will feel more energetic, besides other benefits like improved sleep quality etc. Since you are young, these benefits should be quite fast.

  • I am 43 yrs..old..i have congestive heart failure..n i am using or on 2 liter oxygen..i was told that one of my valve need it to replace as soon as possible..couldnt done so well due my heart was too weak n wont be able to use regular anesthesia as well..previously had a stroke..n had kidney stone..just wonder if this would help..

    Yes SoftenClean will help. It not only dissovles plaques in coronary arteries that cause strokes, it also strenthens the functions of heart, kidney and liver. As a result, oxygen supply to heart will increase and it will improve your health conditions. It can serve multi-purpose for your case. You can use it together with Top Sanchi (the single most effective herb for blood health).

  • In July, 2017, I had an Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm, I have one stint and suffers from high blood pressure. The hypertension is the causing of the aneurysm. I am over weight and needs to loose at 160 pounds. I am presently taking medication for times a day. I have found myself making shakes daily out of kale, spinach, lettuce, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and a banana. I drink this and feels less hungry but by 2:00 pm. I will eat a meal of baked chicken breast, broccoli, and an apple. Some days I tend to want to revert back to Burger King, Wendys, and or MCDonalds. My diet must be salt free. Will I or how can I benefit from Soften-Clean? I will love to loose at least 2 to three pounds a week.

    SoftenClean can help by hitting rignt on the nail in three ways:
    1. restore health to arteries, by increasing its resiliency and dissolve plaque build-ups;
    2. reduce LDL cholesterol level, and this is quite important for overweight people;
    3. strengthen heart, kidney and liver's functions - your diet is good for reducing weight, but at the same time you need it to take care of the health of whole circulation system, and the health of these important organs.

  • Having famial hypercholestramenia I have suffered a heart attack at 48 followed by 2 stents fitted. Currently awaiting angiogram as a part of potential valve replacement. In addition I have partial carotid artery blockage again which require surgery shortly. The question is simple can your herbal proposal alter any of these issues and what improvement could I expect ?

    Yes, SoftenClean can help you dissolve carotid artery blockages. We suggest you take 3-2-3 capsules each day, and in a couple of weeks you could feel positive effects. It can reduce the risk of heart event by strengthening heart muscles' function, increasing oxygen-deficiency endurance of heart cells, and dilating coronary arteries. All this is done naturally, with no harmful side effects. Given your conditions, we do suggest you take it regularly.

  • Proximl lad has 90% blockage. The ostial diagonal has 95% blocksge. The circumflex artery has 80% blockage. A bypass is definite. Can softenclean help me and save me 3 months recovery. Im 71 and wanna do what's best for me. Any interactions with blood pressure or other medications. Give me the answer i wanna hear. Thanks

    SoftenClean will help. We suggest you take 3-2-3 (3 capsules in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the eveneing before each meal). After a couple of weeks you should be able to feel positive effects. After a couple of months, the blockage risk should be controlled. A bypass will solve "located" problems, but high blockage in scale exists throughout the whole body. SoftenClean is a overall solution and dissolves plaque in all arteries. It helps liver/kidney function too. It has a long-term beneficial effect to heart health and doesn't have adverse interactions with blood pressure or other medications. You could be very assured of that.

  • I had triple bypass surgery about 7 years ago , my cholesterol is slightly high . Will it unplug the arteries that were previously plugged ? What dosage would you recommend ? Is it necessary to take so many pills daily ?

    SoftenClean can dissolve aged artery blockages and restore health to circulation system. Yes it will definitely help. For serious blockages (about 80%), we recommend 3-2-3 (3 capsules in the morning, 2 in the noon and 3 in the evening before each meal). It is very safe to take (you can take your regular meds at the same time). The big difference is that there will be no harmful side effects. You can be assured of that.

  • Hi im 63 have cll carotrid atherosclerosis etc wil this hel and how ong does it take thankyou .i dont want statinsvetc

    Yes SoftenClean can help atherosclerosis. It dissolves the existing plaques, kills infections, and clean arteries. You should be able to feel positive effects after a couple of weeks. We suggest take it on a regular basis for you. It does not have side effects as statins and help strengthen your liver, kidney and heart instead.

  • Is it ok to take I I have thick arteries in my heart

    Yes. SoftenClean will dissovle existing artery plaques and control the risks of heart/stroke events quite quick. Compared to statins, it does not have body-damaging side effects. Instead, it helps to strenghen the functions of liver, kidney, heart and circulation system. It will help maintain your cholesterol and blood pressure levels within healthy ranges too.

  • Hi I have 3 clogged arteries 90 percent my doctor said and diabetes would this medicine clear my arteries

    Yes SoftenClean works on even worst aged artery blockages by reversing the clotting, calcification & hardening process, and improving the functions of liver, kidney and circulation system. We suggest you take 3-3-3 per day and health risk will be reduced if taken regularly.

  • i have five stents. nearly lost my life with blockage in the LAD. I also have BPH and take tamsolosin, plavix, aspin and tadelaphil for daily use to relive BPH syptoms. Are there any interactions with these meds to be concerned about, is I use Soften Clean?

    Many of our clients have quite serious artery blockages (near heart or neck). Some tried SoftenClean for a couple of months and postponed their stent surgeries, because SoftenClean noticably dissolved the blockage and quite successfully controled the risk of heart/brain events. For starters, one of the benefits is that it will not interact negatively with their meds. You can definitely take it together with your meds and once you feel the positive effects, we usually recommend less reliance on side-effects loaded prescriptions like statins.

  • Should a person that is 65 with diabetes symptoms type I and a little overweight take the soft lean product and for how long since it is expensive?

    Yes you can take SoftenClean. Most diabetes Type I patients have blood/heart related complications. Softenclean focusing on strenghten both Kidney AND Liver's functions, and improve the health of blood circulation. This product is not as cheap as most vitamin supplements, BECAUSE we only use TOP-Grade herbal extractings with strongest curing potencies. We even select herbals by growing seasons, as herbals reaped in some seasons are much better than average years.

  • Does Soften lean help Congestive Heart Failure?

    Yes SoftenClean can help treat congestive heart failure and make heart stronger with no unwanted side effects. Most customers feel positive effects in 2-4 weeks. We strongly recommend to take it regularly.

  • Where are the testimonials from those who have already used the product?? Thanks

    Our customer testimonials page is Thanks.

  • I have had carotid surgery and am currently on Losartin BP meds. Can this supplement be taken in conjunction with my Losartin safely?

    Yes SoftenClean can be taken safely in conjunction with your meds. It is very safe in this respect. Most buyers reduce their takings of prescriptions due to side effect concerns. SoftenClean is all natural and has many benefits for your body.

  • I am a near 86 year old male who has had 3 strokes over an 8 year period. I walk with the help of a walker and still enjoy doing wood sculpture in my garage. My Dr. says I am showing plaque buildup in my carotid artery and is suggesting a med that is very expensive. Says an alternative would be to take a statin once a week. My previous experience with statins produced muscle aches throughout my body and I am not eager to return to that situation. Could softclean help clear the carotid arteries or effect a lower cholesterol along with diet? doctor

    Yes Softenclean can dissolve chronic artery plaques and prevent buildups. Scientists have conducted multiple researches and all provide very positive results. Here is the link to one of the researches published on Journal of Integrative Medicine. It was conducted with two groups of patients, with one group treated with Softenclean, and the other treated with one of the most prescribed statins. The group of patients with Softenclean significantly outperformed the group with Statin. Yes it will definitely help. Article Link:

  • I have 13 stents, numerous heart attacks and still have a blockage in the back of my heart. The doctors say I cannot have another angiogram or bypass because my arteries or to diseased and two small. I currently take Brilinta as an anti-platelet , Aspirin, Metoprolol tartrate, iso sorbide dinitrate, nitro abs two types of insulin for diabetes, a non statin cholesterol lowering drug, and a blood pressure drug. . My cholesterol is just a little high and ldl is hi and Hdl is low. I have moderate kidney failure, and I am a type 2 diabetic. I have had a gastric bypass 15 years ago so can’t take extended release medication.. I have restricted my diet somewhat but not 100% as yet. I keep getting the back and chest tension pain and my EF is 35-40%. The heart doesn’t pump strong so blood flow is affected.can this product really help me? Can intake it with all the Other Meds?

    Thanks for all the details. Softenclean not only just dissolves the artery plaques, it also treats the root causes of health-threatening heart event and blood circulation problems. It can help heart on a cellular level and increase its endurance in slow blood flow and oxygen shortage conditions. The benefits will be multiple and long-term. Yes you can take it with all the other meds. Take a couple of weeks to feel the effect. Many of our clients can tell.

  • Can SoftenClean help clear carotid arteries

    Yes it can help clear carotid artery plaques and greatly reduce the risk of stroke or heart events, as supported by scientific research conducted by medical professionals and customer feedbacks. Best of all, it has little unwanted harsh side effects for body. You can safely use it.

  • I am on blood thinners for embolisms, have hardening of the aorta, high blood pressure and on cholesterol medication, and Lasix for heart congestion. Also a post lung cancer. Chemotherapy patient. It worries me to take herbal medicine such as yours while still on those prescribed. What do you suggest.

    Our products are quite safe in that they will not interfere with the current prescriptions people are taking. SoftenClean will treat the root cause of blockage - repairing the arterires that have been damaged or inflammed. Aother benefit is that it not only treat symptoms, it also helps important organs like liver to be stronger. We are also pushing out a new product ImmuCan, which strengthens body's immunity system and fight off chronic disease (would like to recommend you to try it too - you could leave a note with us, we will send it to you besides order). Many customers have complicated conditions of their own, but they managed to get these benefits through our products. To your health.

  • had stroke week ago in pondi area back of brain. Doctors said liver and kidneys in great condition, blood pressure high, colestral 600 plus. What do you recommend?

    We strongly recommend SoftenClean monthly pack for you together with Top Sanchi. Better take 3 capsules of each before 3 meals of the day, especially in the morning, and better use them regularly for a couple for months. This will help you regain a foothold in the slipping health condtion of carotid blockage/stroke. After it's more stable, you might need to take a close look at your lifestyle/diets and make some changes, like learning tai chi/yoga, cut consumption of sugar, salt & oil etc. 

  • I had an acute ischemic stroke 2 years ago - treated with tPA intravenously - evidently "Circle of Willis" function rerouted blood to necesary areas of my brain - I unbelieveably recovered to 98% of my condition prior to the stroke. What remains is 80-100% blockage of external and internal left carotid arteries. I rejected Vascular surgery as a solution fearing a higher risk of death or another stroke as a result. I have been doing a lot of research online to find a product that will dissolve crystalized arterial plaque. One silkworm enzyme based supplement, Serrapeptase, I have been using for a year & a half but after my Last month's ULTRASOUND evaluation & the report was "No change" I feel like I need a different avenue of attack. I can't seem to find a Cyclodextrin supplement which has been reported by: AND of course my doctors, who seem to only believe in Prescription meds, are no help so I'm turning my attention to your product and any other help you may think will help in my endeavor to extend my life expectancy without surgical invasion. I am 71 years old. I've altered my diet & also tried CARDIO for LIFE and Oral EDTA chelation over the last 2 years. Thank you in advance for you recommendations. Sincerely,

    Hi billerbersgerger, thanks for the details of your conditions and the treatments you had. I certainly can feel this kind of experiences. Our products are not cholesterol-focused as arterial plaque is more of a result from a chronic inflammation in our circulation system. For instance, one of the major functions of Top Sanchi, a herb regarded as the "best of the best for treating blood related disease", is to kill this tough inflammation and restore the activity level of arterial internal layer to defend/repair itself, and strengthen liver's function in blood cleanning and new blood production. SoftenClean combines multiple benefits: it cures long-time inflammation, and it dissolves existing plaques (the speed really depends on your diet/life style and physique conditions, but SoftenClean does provide a strong reversing power to live with), and it helps with liver and kidney (this is far from the industrial-strength side-effect loaded prescritions). My recommendations is you take a couple of weeks of SoftenClean with Top Grade Sanchi. Most clients experienced the new curing effects within this time frame. Kind regards. - Jen